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Gajanan Ganpati White Marble Look Ganesha with Rat Statue H-26 cm

Gajanan Ganpati White Marble Look Ganesha with Rat Statue H-26 cm

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Gajanan Ganpati White Marble Look Ganesha with Rat Statue H-26 cm

Gajanan Ganpati White Marble Look Ganesha with Rat Statue H-26 cm

This  marble  ganpati  with rat   statue   is one of the best ganesha idols.Ganesha is the god of beginnings.Therefore we worship Ganesha before any other god. Also Ganesha really blesses intellectuals, bankers, journalists and authors. His name signifies as ” Lord of the people.( As Gana means common people.) .  Ganesha is potbellied and generally loves to eat modak.  Ganesha’s vehicle is the rat. Also  Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles. And people keep Ganesha idols for peace and prosperity all around.

Just by having this cutncurve   Ganesha marble  idol, we invite extraordinary positive vibrations. So generally every family keeps Ganesha‘s idol at their home. These idols help you discover your real self. Sometimes you have to be lost completely to really find yourself. You will get rid of your prejudices. Self-realization  will eliminate contradictions of perception. Your life changes forever.

Material:  marble dust

Color: Colorful

Gajanan Ganpati White Marble Look Ganesha with Rat  Statue ,H-26 cm

Made from the finest quality of material available in India. You could see that the shining remains same. This Genuine Handmade idol made by Indian Artisans. Each and every carving seen on the article is hand made with minimum usage of machines.

Dimensions: L-19 cm / W- 18.5 cm / H-26 cm

Weight: 1.505 Kg


As per VASTU shastra, Religious and Spiritual Idols Placed in North East Direction of Drawing room or Pooja room bring Health, Wealth and  Peace . Placing this idol at your Home or Office will beautify your place. These idols surround the environment with the positive energy.

Living in a place filled with positive energy is   boon to us. This Ganesha idol  makes your livelihood happy . So it also  keeps your mind fresh, cool and calm. Further this helps in spreading love and peace in your environment. Placing this Idol in your Worship area, living room, or in lounge will also beautify your Home for sure. Also, This idol is very good at your work place for worship and Décor.

This is an elegant piece of decoration that is sure to light up any office, desk, living room or kitchen. All of our products we handcraft from the finest material and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Our attention to every detail gives them their realistic appearance and beauty every home or garden deserves.

With sophisticated features,  these figurines are perfect for adding modern flair to any tabletop surface. These idols give us vivid and brand new view on our surroundings. This idol is suitable for home decoration indoors. And this Ganesha idol adds up  a unique elegance to your home decor . This idol is  a commendable piece of gift to those you love . This idol is durable and waterproof, and beautifies your room, garden and your office.

     A Nice Gift:

It is suitable for Baby Shower Gift, Hindu God Gift, birthday gift for girlfriend, birthday gift for girl, birthday gift for wife. This may be a  best birthday gift for boyfriend, best birthday gift for husband. This is an ideal piece For Gifting and for Valentine’s day gifts.

All our products we make  in India. And  we Support Make in India initiative. Considering the  at blessings of ganesha ,this Ganesha  idol is great great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies. This idol is great gift for new venture, award ceremonies, Promotion, Retirement, Wedding, Valentine, Farewell, Graduation festive session etc.

Care instruction: Clean with a dry & soft cloth.

Disclaimer: Product Image may vary due to photographic color or your system effects.

Packaging: Box Packing with Bubble Wrap for safe transportation with high quality corrugated box

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